Amazing support for A Little Ray of Giving

By Juliana Morris

On behalf of the local St Vinnie’s Team, Ray White officially kicked off their Christmas Gift Campaign on the first of December.  Support was enlisted by local businesses early with The Phillip Island and San Remo Advertiser Team sponsoring some advertising and the Amaze N Things Team dropping in boxes of presents before December.  Westernport Water dropped in gifts that they had collected also and the Phillip Island Nature Park Team also helped with a generous haul of presents and some very cute little Penguins.  Kristien from Ray White said “Every day, presents seemed to multiply and our helpful Team of Charlotte and Naomi were constantly receiving or wrapping presents.  Our whole Team find it really rewarding to be a part of such a fulfilling cause.  We would like to thank Amaze N Things, Westernport Water and Phillip Island Nature Parks for their help and the time taken to join forces with us”.

“When the St Vinnie’s Team came to collect on the 14th of December, we counted an astounding 275 presents under our tree, “ said Jules from Ray White “We definitely looked like santa’s little helpers as we loaded the presents into cars.  Although we do the present collection, we would like to give a special thanks to the St Vinnie’s Team who co-ordinate delivering the gifts to those families in need.”

“We will continue to partner with the St Vinnies Team for many years to come as the gift campaign elicits such an amazing response from our community.  We are so proud to be involved in such a worthy cause and would like to thank our community who continue to be very supportive of a Little Ray of Giving,” said Leah from Ray White, “We hope all of the families who will receive these presents will be grateful for the kindness shown by their local community and the thought of the many smiles on kids faces should leave a very happy smile on the faces of everyone involved.“

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