Rules for pools and spas

By Juliana Morris

With summer upon us, we know that many people are contemplating the many ways of cooling down after a hard days work or school – jetty jumping, hitting the beach, standing under the sprinkler at home or nestle beside a swimming pool somewhere.  We thought now was an ideal time to remind Tenants of the rules around swimming pools in their homes.

Before running out to buy a ‘blow-up’ pool or something more permanent to take a dip in, you may need to consider what the rules are around securing the area around the pool and whether you need a child resistant safety barrier.

If the swimming pool or spa is capable of containing a depth of water exceeding 300mm (30cm), you must have a suitable child resistant safety barrier.   A building permit is needed to install a swimming pool or spa, and in some cases you may need Planning Permit approval. Safety barriers such as fences and gates must meet the Building Code of Australia as a safety barrier.

It is the job of our property management team to action anything that we believe will create risk for yourself or the general public.  To avoid disappointment and a request to have the Pool removed by the Agent/Landlord, please ensure you comply with.  The agent will not be liable for any fines or litigations should an incident occur.  To ensure you are compliant and to avoid substantial fines, please read through the  Victorian Building Authority Checklist .

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