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Young gun in family business

After being approached by Ray White Corporate, Kristien and Leah commenced business in 2007.  Through the years they have  had many good staff members join them along the way, and the business has gone from strength to strength.  During this time, they have also managed to raise and juggle a busy household of 3 young girls who may one day enter the family business.

Early in 2015, Amber undertook studies and completed her Agents Rep course as she wanted to help in the family business.  Amber began working in Reception one day a week while she studied. After realising how much she enjoyed the real estate industry the opportunity for her to enter the business on a more permanent basis became available and she leapt at the chance. The learning curve was steep but she seemed to take it all in her stride.  When the position as Kristien’s Personal Assistant became available, both Kristien and Leah felt sure that it would be a role that Amber would excel in.

Not long after Amber moved into the PA position, Kristien became ill.  With the support of the Ray White staff behind her, Amber forged ahead learning the ropes and doing whatever was required to hold the fort until Kristien recovered. During this emotional and worrying time for the family, Amber faced many people enquiring about her Dad’s health with composure and poise beyond her years.  Since his return, she has continued to learn and grow at an amazing pace.

Kristien commented “With the business constantly growing, it is great to have young up and coming staff.  In our Sales Team, we have a huge amount of experience and knowledge which is a great breeding ground for people starting in our Industry.”

Leah believes that Amber’s determination is one of the reasons she is excelling in the business “Amber is surrounded by family in the business and our Team are an extension of our family, I think this support gives her a great foundation in Real Estate.  We have had Carly join the business this year also so we’re already slowly growing another family member into the Team.  When Ruby’s old enough to choose her path, I’m sure she’ll want to be the CEO”

“We are extremely pleased to have Amber in our family business.  The comments from both Vendors and Purchasers are always fantastic and a credit to the hard work that she puts into everything she does.  It was recently acknowledged that Amber is the first person to sell a property in excess of a million dollars in Rhyll in the last 6 years. This is a mean feat for someone of her age and early stage of her career and we are  very proud of her” advised Kristien.

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